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This month I will be getting a BIG makeover on it!!

I am very excited that the Bridal Beauty Bunch has blasted off! Two new Artists have been added to the Bunch Web site and PR releases have been sent out!! Its going to be a GREAT way for Brides to find the help they need with GREAT artists to choose from!
Please welcome Lilliana-Lash Extension Artist and Tish, Master Makeup Artist! Both have a great amount of experience and cover Central and Western VA. Tish travels VA and nationally! I am thrilled! More Makeup and Hair artists are being interviewed now, and we will eventually expand to all of Virginia! keep an eye out! 

Saying good bye to the beach was hard for hubby, but not bad for me as I started to feel a little sun burned! After a little tiff of having to pull hubby from the beach, things got better as we headed on the last leg of our vacation. We planned to visit Charleston, SC since we had never been. 3 hours later we arrived at the Holiday Inn Express and freshened up. We headed out to take in the sights! What really amazed me was the history of the place. We saw grave stones as late as 1600′s! We loved the architecture and had an amazing diner at Tsunami off Market Street-it was ladies night and the Cosmos were 3 bucks! We then headed to our BIG treat of the night which was a GHOST TOUR of the OLD CITY Jail!

AS you can see I actually caught a GREAT ORB in one of the rooms! the particular room was supposed to be haunted by a ghost named Cedric? It was a VERY Creepy place, but we made it out safe and sound!

I cant resist a good ghost walk!

Time to head back to Richmond, back to life and back to Weddings on Saturday! I am really looking forward to getting back to some fabulous hair and makeup.

Things I learned today:

*Loved my vacation!
*I love being a Virginia Girl!
* I am recharged and ready to get back to Virginia!

Last Day..St. Simons to Charleston, SC!

bridge to our hotel


old city jail

Waking up in the luxurious King and Price resort after 8:30am is a good thing. Like I said before-sleep- is highly under rated! Ken and I just hung around till about 11:00a when we made our way out the the beautiful beach. Another day of sun and sand in the books! We loaded into the car around 2 and headed for a bit of shopping and a little bite to eat before the our BIG favorite tonight!
In the first shop I went into a Vintage clothing shop(I adore these!) i spied the MOST BEAUTIFUL pair of vintage (real vintage) cowboy boots. Now, I have been looking everywhere for a great pair of real cowboy boots. With the wear and tear and all-you know? I did not want to buy them new, that looked vintage, I wanted to broken in kind-the real deal! I could not believe my eyes when I saw a pair of Vintage leather in great condition, actually made IN TEXAS, cowboy boots! LOVE at first site. I don't think I could get to the counter fast enough to make my purchase of $65 bucks!!(i thought it was a real steal, considering how much i have been pricing them for! I saw a couple other really cute things that i am going back to get at this same store, but I wanted to get through the entire shopping area, before I made final decisions! One other place that was on my HOT list to visit was the Golden Isles Bracelet Co. Here they have a beautiful turtle bracelet that i wanted to see! i also found out that they are the "toe ring" people from the Southern Women's show! WOW! I LOVE the toe rings! If you get a chance to get one of their toe rings at the Richmond Southern Women's show, you will love it! Its inexpensive and hand made and they custom fit them for you!
We ended up getting a little Italian Ice and wrapping up around 5:45p. Just in time for a nap at the hotel before diner.
The story of the restaurant goes, that when ken and I got married on the island, we got married in the morning. Course we had our Sunday Brunch reception and then said our goodbyes to the family. That evening we really wanted to find and quaint, quiet, romantic restaurant that we could have a diner for two! We found that little restaurant right out of the blue! Its called, Nazzaros, and its a little Italian restaurant on the Island with the best Italian food that I have ever had! I am IN LOVE with this restaurant and I am so excited to be able to go again!!

 Things I learned day 3:

*Try something new!
*If you find something you LOVE, get it... fast, don't wait.... if you do you might miss out on something great!!
*I can hear my real life knocking at the door of my vacation life!
*Missing the kids and dogs
*I admit I am a home body!
*I still love my hubby even after spending more than 72 hours straight together...this could be challenged come day 4....LOL!

I am going to just say this one more time. Jekyll Island GA, is one heck of an amazing place. Its quiet, low traffic and just plain incredibly gorgeous! You must visit.
Ken and I enjoyed a beautiful morning walk on the beach, followed by a great Hampton Inn Breakfast! We relaxed until the last minute before check out and headed to the island book store.
I could have spent my whole pay check in the little island cottage. So fun and so salt of the earth. We laid on the beach with our new found books, and enjoyed lunch at a little place called: Fins.
After a late lunch, we left Jekyll Island and headed to our main destination St. Simon's Island where we got married almost 9 years ago.  We checked into the King and Prince first. I almost got a little emotional as we walked through the doors. I remember coming through to have our Sunday brunch here 9 years ago!!. The King and Prince is a Ritzy resort, known for many things, but their Sunday seafood brunch is AMAZING and known far and wide. We had our wedding reception at the Sunday brunch with our little shell wedding cake, and we were brought over by horse drawn carriage from the light house. We could not afford to stay at the King and Prince when we got married, so this was a great option.
After checking in, we headed over to the shops on St. Simons, where we could not resist heading over to the light house and gazebo where we got married. A great day, with a nostalgic vibe.

Day 2 things I have learned today:

* People can really amazing me by being so nice and its so easy
* Sign of a Good Husband: I say" honey, do i look fat in these shorts" he says" noooo, you look skinny!"..... your gonna blow away soon your so skinny! (this is the sign of a great husband - OR ONE thats been broken in pretty well)! LOL
* Sleeping on the beach or at any time is very under-rated. take time, get some sleep, really helps
*Its ok to leave your phone in your bag and not check it for hours. The world still turns!
*Asking locals their favorite restaurant or place to go, will always give you the BEST experience! Make Sure to always ask!
*a $1 ELF(find at Target) all over color stick( i used Peach) and waterproof mascara will give you a GREAT beach look when applied to your eye lids, cheeks and lips! Beachy and snazzy for pennies!
* Laugh out loud every chance you get, its a great stress reliever and it just makes you feel good all over, somehow the world is a better place after a good laugh!

Looking forward to another day tomorrow, when i visit my favorite RESTAURANT in the WORLD!

Cottage book store on Jekyll Island


THIS IS SOOOO FUNNY! (the right shirt says..My Indian name is Ten Inch Feather)

I love the saying on this book on the right!

practical comfortable beach wear...love cotton dresses at the BEACH!

Bye Jekyll

ride from Jekyll to St. Simons

beautiful King and Prince Resort

Remember coming through here 9 years ago.. just married!

BEAUTIFUL accommodations!!

back door leads to the beach!

with our own swing!

HERE WE ARE!!! HOW COOL IS THIS? Married RIGHT HERE...just about 9 years ago!